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How Auto Trader turned their warehouse into the CDP

In the age of Digital Transformation, speed is crucial.

The need to deliver personalized user experiences in real-time demands accessing rich behavioral data in real-time that is unified and accessible to teams across the organization. It is no longer viable for data and marketing teams to work separately.

Is your data stack supporting this ever-increasing demand?

Auto Trader, the UK’s largest car marketplace, decided they wanted to empower their engineering and marketing teams to work more strategically together, truly understanding and optimizing the first party data being collected rather than working separately and transactionally. Activating a standalone, technical CDP would not support this initiative, so instead, Auto Trader chose to adopt a best-in-class stack turning their warehouse into a CDP.

Join leaders from Auto Trader, Snowplow, Hightouch and Braze to discover:

  • The central role of the data warehouse
  • How Auto Trader uses a composable technology stack to democratize their data and bring engineering and marketing teams together to better address business needs
  • How to decrease the friction across internal teams by removing technology boundaries


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