Battle hardening Snowplow Open Source

You’ve spun up your Snowplow pipeline and have it running smoothly, now to make it ready for anything the world throws at it so that you can keep collecting data reliably.

Josh Beemster, Snowplow’s Head of Engineering – Platform, will take you through the steps to make it scale when you get hit with big traffic and common issues he’s encountered in ten years of running Snowplow’s pipelines.In future sessions we’ll also cover upgrades without downtime and more ways to keep your pipeline rock solid.

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Meet your speakers

Josh Beemster

Josh Beemster

Josh Beemster runs the platform engineering team at Snowplow and is responsible for keeping Snowplow BDP customers blissfully unaware of the complexity involved in running a data pipeline reliably. In his 8 years at Snowplow he’s learned a lot about making Snowplow bulletproof.

Simon Rumble

Simon Rumble has been using Snowplow for 10 years and has implemented, run and built data products on the platform in many businesses across that time. As Snowplow’s Head of Developer Relations & Community his job is to get more people using Snowplow, so get in touch if there’s something you think will make things easier for the next person to pick up Snowplow.