Control Where Your Snowplow Pipeline is Hosted

Join the world’s leading businesses using Snowplow

Flexible deployment options to meet your needs

Choose how you want to deploy Snowplow, use Private Managed Cloud for full ownership and control or let Snowplow handle the hosting with BDP Cloud.

Private Managed Cloud

With Private Managed Cloud, your Snowplow pipeline is hosted in your own cloud account and VPN (AWS, GCP, or Azure). You will have complete end-to-end ownership, ensuring that your data never leaves your infrastructure.

Full end to end ownership in your own cloud

Access additional deployment configurables (see below)

Choice where your data is processed

Hosted by Snowplow (Cloud)

With BDP Cloud, your data pipeline (data plane) is hosted by Snowplow, and your data is streamed directly into your data warehouse. Choose to have your data processed in either the AWS eu-central-1 or us-east-2 region.

Snowplow managed data plane

All inclusive cost model

Data processing in either AWS eu-central-1 or us-east-2 region

What Do Both Deployment Options Provide?

Warehouse-first Architecture

By having your own warehouse, lake, or stream as the final destination, you have complete control over where your data is stored.

A Fully Managed Data Pipeline

Snowplow fully manages your data pipeline, including installation, upgrades, auto-scaling and ongoing maintenance. And is backed by guaranteed SLAs that ensure uptime and low latency.

Enterprise-ready Compliance And Security

Snowplow offers industry leading compliance and security and trusted by security-conscious companies globally. Read more about our compliance and security.

Enterprise Configurable for Private Managed Cloud

Configure your deployment with additional infrastructure & performance
configurations to protect against data downtime and to your compliance requirements.

Performance & Resilience Configurations

Snowplow’s Performance and Resilience add-ons offer extra security for your data pipeline, reducing the chance of data loss with outage protection and speeding up the loading of events into Snowplow.

Outage Protection

Reducing the possibility of data loss during a cloud service interruption through the use of Snowplow’s Outage Protection. Take a multi-region approach with pipelines in backup regions that can immediately redirect traffic if the main region experiences an outage.

Infrastructure & Security Configurations

Control, observe and manage the configuration of Snowplow with your private cloud account to meet your compliance and security requirements.

HTTP Access Control (AWS)

Disable all non-encrypted HTTP traffic to internet-facing Load Balancers deployed as part of Snowplow BDP.

SSH Access Control (AWS)

Opt to disable Snowplow’s SSH access to the environment.

CVE Reporting (AWS, GCP)

Periodic report on Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits identified in any relevant software component, as well as regular patching.

Virtual Private Cloud Peering (AWS, GCP)

Enable VPC peering between their existing VPC and the Snowplow VPC can choose the CIDR/IP range used in the Snowplow-setup VPC to facilitate peering.

Custom IAM policy

Select to setting up pipelines and other Snowplow infrastructure into a pre-existing VPC

Custom Security Agents (AWS, GCP)

Install your own custom security agents on the EC2 servers that are deployed

Custom EKS AMIs

Provide a custom hardened AMI (machine image) for use in EKS node pools instead of standard AWS images.