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Snowplow brings new graphical user interface for Snowplow Micro 

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Snowplow Micro is a powerful tool to help you debug and test your Snowplow pipeline.  Today we are launching a new and intuitive user interface to help testing and debugging your pipeline for all BDP customers and open source users.  

What is Snowplow Micro?

Snowplow Micro is a lightweight version of the Snowplow pipeline. Micro can receive, validate and enrich events sent by your tracking code. It runs locally on your own machine, allowing you to test and debug before tracking is put into production. 

Snowplow Micro also supports automated testing for your tracking (using tools such as Nightwatch and Cypress) to build end-to-end GitHub Actions testing workflows.

To date, Micro has been a command-line-only tool. Given the pivotal role of testing and debugging, both our BDP customers and open-source users have asked for a more visual tool to make the process easier.

The new Snowplow Micro UI

This latest release (version 2.0.0) brings a new intuitive user interface for visualising incoming events. The UI contains both an overview and a detailed breakdown of the events sent to Micro.

You can see real-time counts of good (valid) and bad (failed) events received by Micro. For every event, you can inspect the various standard fields, including the app id, event type, status, timestamp and associated schema. You can also filter the data to locate your event. 

Finally, you can inspect all bad events along a timeline with details of the error messages all in one place to help understand the errors in your tracking code, schemas or enrichments.

How to get started?

To find out more about how you can get started see our documentation

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