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Introducing Snowplow’s support for Apple’s Vision Pro apps and visionOS

Apple’s Vision Pro apps and visionOS Snowplow Support
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With today’s release of Vision Pro, Apple’s augmented reality (AR) headset, Snowplow announces its support for Vision Pro apps and visionOS. This enables data teams to collect behavioral data to understand and analyze how users interact with your applications on Vision Pro.

Behavioral data has always been about more than tracking web and mobile events. With support for Vision Pro and visionOS, Snowplow brings its leading behavioral data tracking to support new emerging technologies as we enter the era of spatial computing. 

With Snowplow’s support for Vision Pro and visionOS, you can understand and analyze how users interact within your Vision applications using window group tracking and immersive space tracking.

Let’s look at this in detail: 

  1. Window group tracking: Track and analyze user interactions within window groups with precision. With our new OpenWindowEvent and DismissWindowEvent, you can gain insights into how users navigate through various windows and applications. The window group context entity can also be added to any other Snowplow events so you know exactly where the activity occurred. Creators of SwiftUI apps for other Apple platforms may also find these new events and entities useful.
  1. Immersive space tracking: Track user engagement and behavior within augmented reality environments to gain valuable insights into how users interact with your content in these spatial environments. We’ve added a new autotracked immersive space context entity. Track OpenImmersiveSpaceEvent to add the entity to all subsequent events until the next DismissImmersiveSpaceEvent. This feature is enabled by default, but can be configured using the immersiveSpaceContext tracker configuration option.

All the usual iOS/SwiftUI tracking options will also be available within the visionOS platform.

These visionOS features will be part of the huge new v6.0.0 mobile trackers release, coming very soon. Once the iOS v6 release is out, simply update your SDK to the new v6.0.0, and you’ll unlock a wealth of new features designed to enhance your data analytics journey.

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Miranda Wilson

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