Rich, accurate behavioral data to serve all your analytics needs

Snowplow enables you to build a data capability that powers your reporting needs of today and fuels your advanced analytics use cases of the future.

Free your data analysts and BI teams to deliver real business value

Snowplow offers quick time-to-value and makes data cleaning a problem of the past, so your analytics teams can focus on deriving insights from your data.

Flexible data to support all your use cases

Create a foundational layer in your data stack that allows you to collect raw and unopinionated data once, and use it many times over for all your analytics use cases.

Your data, ready to be consumed

Your data is delivered in a consistent and expected format that’s easy to model and query, and simple to join with other data sets to give you greater context and understanding. Start consuming data directly in your favorite BI tools.

Data quality you can count on

Stop relying on guesswork or several sources of truth that provide contradictory data. Snowplow enables you to capture accurate, complete, and meaningful data to power your data analytics projects and drive the business forward.

Collect one set of clean, raw data structured uniquely to power all of your analysis needs

Give your analysts the data they deserve

Empower your analytics teams with rich, high quality behavioral data to answer their most complex questions about users, product usage, retention, and more.

The tools your analysts need to drive business performance

When it’s easier for your analysts to derive insights, it’s easier for them to add greater value to your organization. Here’s how Snowplow helps.

A higher standard for your data

All data collected is validated against your configured schemas, and any bad data can be surfaced, fixed, and reprocessed so the data you analyze is always complete and accurate.

Your data, your use cases, your structure

You have the freedom to design the data structures that reflect your business use cases, and evolve them as your requirements change, so your data analysts always have the data they need to do their job better.

Astonishingly rich data

Ensure your analysis covers the richest, most granular data. Snowplow gives you limitless event tracking with a range of user identifiers and out-of-the-box properties, along with the ability to enrich data with first and third-party sources.

Explore your data with your favorite intelligence tools

Data is loaded into tables in your data warehouse in a ready-to-use format. This makes it easy for you to work directly with the data, modeling it and consuming it in your favorite BI tools.

Discover how to empower your analysts with rich, high-quality behavioral data for more actionable insights