Snowplow Outperforms GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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The best web and mobile data to power multiple, advanced use cases

Snowplow helps you execute faster by delivering the most granular data on the market from web, mobile and other channels, in a highly-expected and assured format.

Not all data is equal

What makes Snowplow data the most actionable behavioral data?


More data points per event and more events per session than any other solution in the market.


Explicitly define the structure of your events before collection so your data structure is highly-expected.


Every event is processed and validated in real-time, delivering data you can be confident in.


Reliably collect 1st party data from your website and mobile applications.


Delivered to real-time streams, your data warehouse and your data lake.


Develop a single, high-quality unified data to power your present and future use-cases.

Build a unified data set across all channels and platforms

Incredibly rich data per event

Snowplow delivers more data points out-of-the-box per event than any other solution. You can also run enrichments against each event in real-time to further widen the data.

Common event definitions

Events across all are validated against a common schema regardless of source, so it is easy to work with cross-source data downstream.

A single log-level event table with multiple sources
failed event monitor

Architected from the ground up to help you close the data quality loop

Up-front validation

Define the structure of your data for producers to guarantee that structure for human and machine consumption.

Quality monitoring

Monitoring and alerting highlights and helps you debug quality issues so they can be addressed by producers as early as possible.

End-to-end QA

Sandbox and staging environments, and integrated testing tools enable data producers to meet quality standards.

Non-lossy collection

Data that does fail to be processed can be fixed and recovered, preventing holes in your foundational data asset.

Reliable user identification

In a world of constantly changing privacy measures

Deployed in your cloud

Set first-party server-side cookies, the safest and most guaranteed way to reliably identify users in a world of tracking prevention methods.

Anonymous tracking

Snowplow offers the most configurable anonymous tracking solutions to maximise the events you can capture in a privacy-first world.

You’re in control

Snowplow gives you the freedom to define schemas for your data, so you are in control of what identifiable information you collect.

Build a best-in-class behavioral data set

Learn about the challenges that organizations face when trying to realise value from behavioral data

The most successful companies in the world use behavioral data to drive competitive advantage