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The web analytics landscape is undergoing a vast array of changes, leading to organizations having both incomplete and inaccurate data. Changes such as ITP, browser cookie updates and increased user awareness are all leading to complications when it comes to making business decisions based on your web analytics.

Many packaged web analytics tools are black boxes, meaning that organizations have no idea how their data is being used and transformed, or what assumptions are being made. Often traditional web analytics tools only expose certain types of aggregated data such as session-level data which can be hard to reason with and perform interesting analysis.

Cross-channel analytics poses a further challenge, with organizations having data siloed across a variety of tools running on their web properties; bringing those together can allow organizations to find further insights in their available data.


As user journeys take place online now more than ever, it is important that a trustworthy, rich and clean dataset is used to perform analysis that can be socialized around the company. It is vital that the data being used is highly accurate and complete to ensure there is significant trust in the data and, by extension, the data team. 

Why Snowplow

Snowplow offers a highly flexible system giving users full control over their data assets, from collection to business logic to the format of the data. Snowplow has no black box components, allowing full transparency into how the Snowplow collects and aggregates the data, offering users unparalleled opportunities to modify and work directly with their data in their warehouse.

The Snowplow trackers are highly configurable, allowing for a complete dataset to be completed. Working within the constraints of ITP and with adblockers, Snowplow can be configured to build a clear picture of a user’s journey through your organization’s platforms and channels. Every event is captured, processed and sent to the data warehouse, giving organizations complete control over their event level data. Build your own models, define your own aggregations – Snowplow puts the choice in the users hands.

Snowplow also helps organizations build additional trust in their data assets with multiple quality assurance tools, such as Snowplow Micro, and allows for monitoring and the recovery of failing events powered by Snowplow’s underlying customisable data schemas. Using Snowplow’s customisable schemas allows for a single format from all your sources, be they web, mobile, server-side or other.

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