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Subscription optimization


Understanding how users are interacting with content and having the ability to send specific signals or alerts to certain types of users can be a significant advantage when looking at optimizing subscription numbers. Being able to understand the behavioral signals of subscribers to understand who needs retention motions and who needs upsell motions is crucial when optimizing a subscriber base.


Running a subscription offering, your aim is to maximize the value of your subscriber base by retaining users and upselling other users. This also presents a further opportunity to learn more deeply about the types of users who are subscribers and use this information to help convert non-paying members into paid subscribers.

Why Snowplow

Snowplow offers the ability to capture granular information about the end-to-end behavior of subscribers, and for this to be analyzed both in the data warehouse and in real-time. Every subscription service is unique – Snowplow provides the granular behavioral data that lets you understand your customer journeys, and understand how your customers’ activities link to churn or upsell.

Snowplow’s real-time capabilities offer the further opportunity to present signals to users within their current session on a website, not having to wait until the day after or by sending a follow up email. This enhances the user experience and makes an upsell motion feel more seamless and less forced.