Search optimization

Understand and enhance your customers’ search behavior


A range of businesses rely on in-site or in-app search functionality to provide value or service to their end users. If your users or customers are regularly served poor quality or irrelevant search results, they will no longer use your product.

Going further, some business models such as marketplaces or aggregators actively monetize search outcomes and positions; for example jobs boards (sponsored jobs) or automotive listings (preferred dealerships). Optimizing these search experiences can have a huge impact on your business’s financial success.


Deeply understanding your customers’ search behavior enables you to drive a better search experience; this better search experience helps you retain and delight your customers, driving your bottom line.

This better search experience has several ingredients:

  • Delivery of more relevant search results
  • Raising ‘clickthrough’ on top ranked results
  • Integrating conversion results into the search ranking
  • Removing the need for error-prone and expensive human intervention

Customization drives results

Packaged analytics tools don’t understand search, and they definitely don’t understand your search. Your search engine is not a commodity – it’s core IP for your business and needs to be understood as such. Using the same standardized search analytics as your competition will lead to you underperforming in the market.

This means you need something different – a customizable approach to search insights and optimization.

Why Snowplow

To achieve results in search optimization, you’ll need to capture tailored and granular data on search behavior; you’ll then need to model and interpret that data ready for your search team to work with.

Snowplow enables all this and more: you can precisely model your end-to-end search experience with Snowplow, making use of our many tracking SDKs, rich event modeling functionality, contextual enrichments and downstream data modeling support.

Snowplow gives you the behavioral data toolkit to let your data and search teams collaborate on the best search experience for your customers.

Create the best search experience for your customers with Snowplow

Customer stories

How businesses are leveraging Snowplow

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    Picnic case study

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Capture tailored and granular data on search behavior with Snowplow