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Customer experience is becoming increasingly important in the battle for retention and upsell. Customers talk to support teams more than they talk to any other part of the business. And yet, those support teams are often the least informed about the customer they are speaking with. 

As a customer contacting a helpdesk or support centre, how many times have you been asked to confirm contact details, or product versions, or usage behaviors? Support teams waste time asking questions they should already be able to answer. They provide poor customer experiences by demonstrating lack of knowledge. Too often, the support they provide is generic and reactive.


Customers trust support teams more than they trust sales or marketing. To differentiate in a crowded marketplace, you need a customer support experience that is personalized and driven by an understanding of the key points of your customer’s context, in the moment they need your help the most. 

Empowering support teams with actionable customer insights enables them to solve the customer’s problem with minimal fuss, but, critically, to also predict customer needs and proactively solve for those, too. That means responding to particular customer needs and sensitivities, being alerted to upsell opportunities and indicators, and helping the customer achieve their end goal in fewer interactions with the support team.

Customization drives results

Most helpdesk and customer support centre platforms have the facility to plug in data from different, disparate sources. However, these views are limited in both available sources (dependent on other vendors to develop the integration you need), and aggregation (confined to what a vendor believes you want your support team to see). 

The truth is that no two support organisations are alike, no two support teams are alike, and no two customer bases are alike. To succeed you must tailor a customer support view that meets your needs, giving exactly the right real-time customer insights to your support team, right where they need them. Your team needs trustworthy, customized, up-to-the-minute data that enables them to provide the best service experience to your customers.

Why Snowplow

Snowplow lets you collect, enhance and model your customers’ behavioral data in an extremely customizable way. Many Snowplow customers start by implementing one of our customer insights use cases – often Product Analytics, Customer Journey Analytics or Mobile App Analytics. For companies looking to retain and upsell subscribers and other repeat customers, Subscription Optimization is also business critical.

Helpdesk enablement is a powerful next step in forming a deep understanding of your customer experience. With Snowplow you can take these behavioral insights, transform them to surface key metrics for your support team, and then deliver these metrics to the CRM or service desk tool where your team spends their time.

With Snowplow, your helpdesk is no longer an under-informed operational silo – it can take its rightful place at the heart of your customer journey.

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