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An online shopping cart is abandoned when a shopper adds products to their shopping cart but doesn’t continue through to checkout – this represents significant missed revenue for online retailers.

Contacting these shoppers and getting them to complete the checkout – ‘recovering’ the cart – is important and directly boosts retailers’ bottom line. It’s also important to steadily improve the checkout process to improve the sales conversion rate; this prevents carts from being abandoned and means that fewer carts require recovery.


The key requirement for tackling abandoned shopping carts is having rich and reliable data on your end-to-end shopper behavior. As an online retailer this data allows you to do two things. 

Firstly, it gives you the data required to detect that a shopping cart has been abandoned, and then react to that abandonment with a high-quality message (for example via email) to encourage the shopper to resume their checkout.

Secondly, you can mine this shopper behavior to better understand why these carts are being abandoned. Is your checkout process too long or complicated? Are the total costs for the order unclear? You can use these insights to drive ongoing improvements to your shopping experience, reducing the abandoned cart rate going forwards.

Why Snowplow

Snowplow BDP is the best in class data delivery platform that is deployed into the customer cloud account. Snowplow BDP can be integrated throughout your ecommerce shop and checkout flow to capture incredibly rich data on your shopper behavior. Snowplow data is also delivered at very low latency, meaning that abandoned carts can be quickly detected and reacted to, boosting recovery rates.

With Snowplow BDP, you can tackle both sides of the abandoned cart problem:

  1. Implementing compelling and timely messages which speak directly to the individual shopper and encourage them to complete their transaction
  2. Building rich customer journey flows which provide deep insights into where your checkout process (and indeed wider shopper experience) is falling down and thus leading to abandoned carts


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