Snowplow Outperforms GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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The leading behavioral data platform for data-led travel companies

Snowplow gives you high-quality and granular event data in real-time so you can understand your customers and deliver a memorable experience at every touchpoint.

Understand customers at each stage of their travel journey

Gain a panoramic view of the customer journey so you can optimize the user experience at every stage to delight and convert customers. With Snowplow, your web, mobile, server-side and email data load into your data warehouse in a clean, deduplicated and expected format so you can easily join it with booking and CRM data to get the complete picture.

Optimize marketing spend with precise attribution modeling

Snowplow gives you the flexibility to define your own attribution logic across your channels and platforms so you can take control of your marketing attribution. Snowplow data is easily joined with other data sets to measure true cost per acquisition and ROAS so you can continually improve your marketing strategy.

Make a difference in real-time

Assist your customers by serving relevant content or offers so they can make more informed decisions. Use your high-quality, real-time Snowplow data and combine it with historical data to power personalization, recommendation engines or dynamic pricing models to drive more engagement and conversions.

Deliver a seamless customer experience

Keep users coming back to your website or app by delivering a consistent, convenient and memorable experience. Snowplow automatically tracks rich, contextual information with your events so you get an extremely rich data set you can access in real-time to continuously improve the customer experience on your website and app.

Enhance and simplify data compliance

Snowplow puts you in control of your data with complete transparency into your pipeline, end-to-end. Your Snowplow pipeline is fully auditable giving you direct access to your data at every stage, making it easier to comply with data regulations and protect the privacy rights of your users.

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