Snowplow vs. DIY data pipelines

Learn how Snowplow offers the control and flexibility of a DIY approach without the business risks and extensive resources.

How is Snowplow different from DIY behavioral data pipelines?

DIY behavioral data pipelines are attractive to businesses with highly technical teams who both relish the challenge of building and maintaining the pipeline as well as wanting the full ownership and transparency this brings.

Snowplow has always had a glass-box philosophy. This means the source code is both visible and adjustable. The whole pipeline actually lives in your Cloud environment and is architected for transparency and customization.

Snowplow also offers a level of trust and business assurances not available with DIY pipelines. Our SRE team work around the clock to ensure smooth scaling and full uptime for your pipeline.

DIY pipelines can actually expose you to significant business risk, as they generally have many quirks only understood by creators, who can leave a business at any time, threatening the future of your pipeline. These pipelines can also be error prone and brittle when scaling.

Ultimately, behavioral data pipelines are a solved problem. We’ve spent over a decade perfecting pipeline design and security so you can focus on creating business value.

The advantages of Snowplow vs DIY pipelines

Pre-made data apps and products

Get quicker time to value with a library of ready-made advanced use cases from marketing to product analytics.

Robust infrastructure and security

SLAs for uptime, latency, and response time to ensure your business runs smoothly whatever happens.

Data quality management

Snowplow offers full observability of your pipeline and good/bad data queues before data hits the warehouse.


  • How does the cost of Snowplow compare to DIY pipelines?

    While DIY pipelines may seem like an economic decision, the cost of the build, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance can run far higher than the cost of our software in many cases. This is particularly evident when you take into account the cost of both the team dedicated to maintenance, the lost revenue from underperforming applications, and the huge cost of data downtime due to pipeline failure.

  • What type of customization is available with Snowplow?

    Snowplow can both architect your pipeline to best fit your business needs in terms of scalability, latency and volume and allow you to customize every aspect of your pipeline, such as data definitions and quality assurance.

  • Does Snowplow have vendor lock-in?

    As you fully own your data and your pipeline as well as controlling your data structures, if you ever decide to move on to a new technology you will be able to port your data operations to your new tool without restrictions.

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