Snowplow Data Model pack

‘Digital Foundations’

Product description

Snowplow ‘Digital Foundations’ data model pack

Snowplow’s Data Model packs allow companies that are either using Snowplow’s Community Edition behavioral data pipeline or the Snowplow High Availability pipeline to use Snowplow’s dbt data models outside the terms outlined in the Snowplow Personal & Academic license). 

With a subscription to the Digital Foundation Pack, customers may use the following dbt models for commercial purposes:

Key features

Usage of the ‘Digital Foundations’ data model pack

This is a commercial license, enabling customers to use the dbt data models listed above for commercial purposes outside of the terms of the Snowplow Personal & Academic license

Access to upgrades to ‘Digital Foundations’ data models 

As we upgrade the dbt data models contained within this pack, customers will be able use newer versions outside the terms of Snowplow Personal & Academic license.

Customer support 

Snowplow provides customer support under the terms and services described in our Statement of Support.

As part of all our licences, Snowplow HA Pipeline customers also have access to our Community Forum

Support Severity Levels and SLOs 

Severity levelStandardDescription
Support SLO first response time: Severity 1 (Urgent)*1 hourProduct is not functioning reliably or securely in a production environment, rendering use of the service impossible with no alternative available.
Support SLO first response time: Severity 2 (High)*8 hoursAn error manifests in the product such that production usage is unreliable; or significant product functions do not work or cannot be used. A workaround might exist, but it is complex, requires significant effort or doesn’t always work. Product is functional but data/functionality is partially impacted, or intermittently impacted.
Support SLO first response time: Severity 3 (Normal)*24 hoursGeneral product usage questions and advice. Otherwise, a minor feature doesn’t work or fails eventually. The issue does not have a significant impact on product usage. There is an easy workaround that always avoids the problem or it happens rarely.
Support SLO first response time: Severity 4 (Low)*24 hoursUsability errors, screen or report errors that do not materially affect quality and correctness of function, intended use or results.

Out of scope 

The following are not included in any part of a Snowplow Data Model pack.

  1. Snowplow HA Pipeline or any other Snowplow product 
  2. Any managed service (e.g. upgrades, alertings, or services specifically forming part of the Snowplow BDP managed service) 
  3. Any form of hosting 
  4. Technical Account Manager 
  5. Professional Services or implementation 
  6. Support for non-standard models or forked models 
  7. Anything explicitly stated as out of scope in our Statement of Support