Snowplow Outperforms GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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Snowplow Digital Analytics

30-minute Group Demo

The sunsetting of Universal Analytics leaves those reliant on the packaged analytics tool with two options; onboard to GA4 or choose an alternative tool. Organizations are forced to urgently re-evaluate the founding tenets of their digital analytics strategy.

Do you embrace GA4 in spite of its pain points?

Watch the Group Demo to learn how to:
• Leverage robust user identifiers to build a complete view of your customer journeys,
• Remain compliant with a privacy-first approach to data collection,
• Seamlessly move your existing GA data into your data warehouse with our GA Migrator Tool,
• Remain compliant with a privacy-first approach to tracking user data,
• Empower your end-users with the data they need to make informed decisions using your visualization tool of choice.