The leading behavioral data platform for retail businesses

Snowplow’s behavioral data platform (BDP) empowers retail companies with high-quality event-level data in real time, enabling them to gain a deep understanding of their customers and make better commercial decisions.

Drive growth with detailed ecommerce analytics

Snowplow delivers high-quality behavioral data fast enough to power real time personalization use cases. By using Snowplow data to deliver live product recommendations, dynamic pricing, and UX personalization, you aim to drive a significant uplift in revenue.

Automate your marketing with behavioral data

Snowplow enables you to get an incredibly detailed view of customer behavior, and use the behavioral data collected to drive real time marketing automation. Snowplow’s data can power use cases such as live customer journey nudges and triggered email campaigns, designed to maximise conversions.

Improve the ROI of your marketing with custom attribution models

By accurately attributing marketing leads to campaigns, channels, and platforms, you can optimize marketing budgets and drive revenue growth. Snowplow enables custom attribution models by capturing whatever behavioral data you need across multiple touch points, and delivering it in a single, consolidated format.

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Optimize your supply chain

Supply chain optimization can translate into huge cost savings. Snowplow’s range of server side trackers let you monitor actions such as dispatches, deliveries, and more. Collecting supply chain data alongside your conversion data means you can centralize data from multiple systems in one place for a more complete view of your business.

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