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Treating data as a product

How data storytelling can make your insights more effective

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Data teams are tasked with delivering a high quality data asset to their internal customers, at scale. This is easier said than done.

Aside from the technical obstacles, there are huge human challenges in terms of communication, collaboration and internal alignment. To overcome these, we need a new way of working with data.

In this guide we explore how to transform your data into easily understandable insights to empower your internal teams through data storytelling and data visualization.

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  • The challenges of working in data in 2021
  • A guide to data team structures with examples
  • Breaking down communication barriers with a universal language
  • Reducing data downtime with data observability
  • How data storytelling can make your insights more effective

“We would not have achieved our current level of self-serve data without Snowplow. It has enabled us to democratize our data culture, significantly improving our analytics coverage and deepening our insights.”

Daniel Huang, Data Engineer at Strava


It’s an exciting time to be working in data. The opportunity for data teams to make an impact is huge. They have more tools at their disposal, with exciting technology hitting the market each day. But it’s not all roses.

Building and managing a modern data capability is a tremendous challenge. Aside from the technology involved, it requires working closely with technologists with a broad range of skill sets. It means working with (i.e. winning over) internal teams and stakeholders and educating them around the value of data.

Download the eBook to discover how you can better communicate the value of data in your organization.