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The State of
Behavioral Data 2022

Shifting from Data Exhaust to Data Creation

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Are organizations
getting the most value
from their data?

Are data teams empowered to deliver truly innovative projects? Or is poor-quality data holding everyone back?

To help answer questions like these, Snowplow recently surveyed 480 data practitioners from large software, retail, and media / broadcast companies on their attitudes, experiences, and challenges in dealing with data.

The results reveal an immense opportunity for organizations to move from a culture of cleaning data, to creating behavioral data.

“Business leaders want data teams to be reducing churn, personalizing customer experiences and completing attribution. Yet, the reality is that most can’t because they are plagued by issues of poor data governance and quality.”


Gap between intent
and reality

While most organizations know how valuable data can be, they still have work to do in building a strong data culture across the business.

Time could be
better spent

Too often, data teams waste time wrangling data exhaust. This time could be better spent on value-driven activities like feature engineering and model training.

Skilled staff are on the move

Faced with a critical shortage of data talent, organizations urgently need to address the fact that so many plan to leave their current roles.

Shifting to a Data Creation approach to unlock insights and applications

To solve today’s issues and boost the retention of valuable, skilled data practitioners, organizations need to build a strong data culture across the business. And they need high-quality behavioral data.

Read the full report to discover how a Data Creation strategy opens the door to innovation and success with data.