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Product analytics for a complex user journey

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Take control of your behavioral data to enable meaningful product development

As user journeys grow in complexity, the task of understanding user behavior in order to optimize product features has become increasingly challenging. This guide aims to outline the first steps in building a robust platform for their product analytics so companies can deliver continuous improvements to their products and features, even for complex user journeys.   

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  • Why product analytics is so important in today’s competitive landscape 
  • How to build a strategic data asset to empower your product analytics for the long term 
  • The benefits of breaking down data silos that arise between cross-functional teams

With Snowplow, we are empowered to make more informed, data-driven decisions that allow us to iterate much faster while gaining a multi-dimensional view of the user experience now and in the future.”

Alex Beskin, Head of Analytics, Animoto


Product development has come a long way since the days of focus groups and surveys. Today, more and more customer interactions with products and services are taking place online as an increasing number of digital products become available and products that were traditionally physical have turned digital.

But product analytics is still in its infancy and many companies are still finding their way when it comes to measuring how users interact with their products. This is largely because user journeys are becoming progressively more complex and harder to predict.

Download the guide to see how you can use behavioral data to deliver meaningful product analytics.