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Multi-cloud for data analytics

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Learn how to take advantage of multi-cloud for your data analytics stack

In this white paper, we’ll look at different approaches to multi-cloud, the major benefits and drawbacks, and how Snowplow BDP can help businesses take full advantage of multi-cloud strategies.

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  • Why so many data teams are considering multi-cloud
  • BigQuery vs Redshift, and the advantages of using both
  • Technical considerations when deploying multi-cloud

“Most organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy out of a desire to avoid vendor lock-in or to take advantage of best-in-breed solutions. We expect that most large organizations will continue to willfully pursue this approach.”

Michael Warrilow, VP Analyst, Gartner


Virtually every organization now has at least part of its computing system in some sort of cloud. And in a more competitive cloud landscape, businesses are no longer signing up for one cloud provider alone but turning towards alternative providers to leverage a ‘best-in-breed’ solution that will better meet their IT strategy and requirements.

The shift to the cloud offers not just transformational flexibility in resources; it also gives organizations the opportunity to take control of their enterprise architecture and data, helping define a strategy according to business needs. As such, today the question for many organizations is no longer “shall we move to the cloud?” but “shall we go multi-cloud?”.

Download the white paper to discover multi-cloud approaches and how Snowplow BDP can support you in gaining the strongest business advantage.