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Marketing Attribution in Retail

Learn how to optimize marketing spend across complex customer journeys in retail

  • 137% increase in revenue 
  • 106% conversion rate growth
  • 1400% increase in revenue from paid performance channels

Outcomes likes these are made possible with accurate marketing attribution that accounts for the end-to-end customer journey.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the biggest challenges in delivering effective marketing attribution in retail, and how to navigate them with behavioral data.

Download the guide to learn about:

  • The complexity of multi-channel customer journeys in retail
  • The challenges in delivering effective marketing attribution
  • How retail organizations are resolving these challenges through using high-quality, granular behavioral data
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“Using Snowplow data and multiple other data sources, we built end-to-end attribution for Green Building supply — the full customer journey from sample to purchase. This allowed us to see exactly how much specific campaigns generated across channels and optimize from there.”

Aaron Hirshberg | COO at Green Building Supply