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White paper

The Past, Present, and Future of Compliant Analytics in Europe

Evolving data protection regulations have put widespread analytics tools like Google Analytics in the crosshairs, as they struggle to align with strict EU data protection laws. This issue stems from the fundamental differences between US and EU privacy regulations and leaves many companies operating in Europe vulnerable to compliance risks and potential analytics blindspots.

But what if you could take control and flexibly adapt your data strategy? Our white paper explores an alternative approach. One that puts you in control of your analytics pipeline end-to-end, localizes your data collection, protects sensitive data and adapts to changing data protection standards.

Download the white paper to learn more about the past, present, and future of compliant analytics in Europe and how you can build a flexible analytics platform that can adapt to evolving privacy regulations.

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Learn how to adapt your data pipeline to evolving privacy regulations

Download the white paper to discover:

How to enable compliant analytics

How to localize data collection with multiple regional pipelines

How to safeguard sensitive attributes like IP addresses

How to adapt your analytics strategy as privacy regulations evolve

“It’s unlikely that Google Analytics will be the only provider to face privacy scrutiny in the wake of this dispute, as other companies also offer similar US-based services. A private SaaS solution like Snowplow, which allows data localization to specific regions, is currently the most prudent option.”

Lucas Stone | Sales Engineer, Snowplow