Snowplow Outperforms GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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Harness behavioral data to build better product experiences

Snowplow helps product teams understand the end-to-end customer journey, unlock essential insights into their users and marketing performance from their own warehouse and lake.

Data-driven product teams rely on Snowplow

Why data-driven product teams reply on Snowplow

Data-driven product teams rely on Snowplow for its comprehensive behavioral data, empowering them to build better products, drive adoption and retain customers. 

Unlock insight with Data Applications

From measuring product performance to mapping customer journeys, our range of data apps deliver meaningful insights for your business.

Rich customer data for insight & prediction

Snowplow’s unique approach to tracking enables you to track events and the environment an event took place in with entities as well as 130+ properties captured with every event. 

Build your own data products

Snowplow’s leading dbt models, incrementally model your unified event stream in your own warehouse or lake to provide accurate AI & BI-ready data to power your projects.

A warehouse-first approach

Snowplow was built from the ground up to get the highest quality data from any source into your cloud storage destination – lake or warehouse.

Power product-critical use cases with Snowplow

Understand path to conversion and adoption

Use Snowplow’s  self-service Funnel Builder and Path Analysis data applications to understand how customers navigate your product. Identify what leads to drop off, conversion or adoption of new features among your users.

Self-Service Data Apps help unlock insight about your users without requiring a SQL analyst

Capture every user interaction across platforms through custom events & entities with future-proof first-party cookies.

Accurately identify and stitch the customer journeys with Snowplow’s identity resolution.

Predict churn and maximize customer retention

Provide your data scientists with rich, modeled data directly in the warehouse to accurately predict customer behavior.

With 130+ properties appended to each event out-of-the-box to create accurate model predictions.

Snowplow’s data models provide you with accurate AI & BI-ready data

SLAs guarantee delivery of data at a low latency to your warehouse, lake, and stream

Build your own data products

Have complete flexibility to define how your data is collected, validated and model to build custom data products directly from your warehouse or lake.

Track events and the environment in which an event took place with entities to meet your tracking requirements.

Define and enforce policies for how data is created, processed and delivered to your warehouse or lake

Build on top of Snowplow’s data models or create custom models to incrementally model your behavioral data.

We were able to understand the conversion trends of the new checkout for different user personas. As a result, our product and design team decided to support more digital wallets like Apple and Google Pay because the data showed the need for a faster, more seamless payment method for our mobile users.