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Cloud Infrastructure

Generate, govern and model high-quality, granular behavioral data, at scale, within your Amazon S3.

Data Activation

Access complete, accurate and structured behavioral data on how individuals interact with your products and services, enabling more effective behavioral targeting within Braze.

Data Activation

Activate and operationalize your first-party behavioral data from your data warehouse into business tools, to create a complete 360 view of your customer and prospects.

Data Platform

Integrate and build powerful data-driven applications and composable customer data platforms (CDPs) with Snowplow’s AI-ready, behavioral data in real time on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

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Modeling and transformation

Enable your analytics team to collaboratively build, test, document and deploy data transformation pipelines in your data warehouse or lake.

Cloud Infrastructure
Google Cloud

Generate, govern, and model high-quality, granular behavioral data within Google Cloud, an agile and scalable storage system for all customer and company data.

Data Activation

Power unified customer experiences and create a complete 360 customer view to drive significant business value with behavioral data.

Business Intelligence

Drive deeper data insights and smarter outcomes in real time by visualizing and analyzing Snowplow data directly in Looker.

Data Activation

Access and activate data directly from your modern data warehouse. Send customer-centric messaging at unlimited scale to millions of customers using real-time behavioral data with no security concerns.

Data Platform

Power advanced analytics and develop a deeper understanding of your users on a single platform by leveraging Snowplow’s ability to generate, enhance and model AI and ML-ready behavioral data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

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