Snowplow Digital Analytics

30-minute Group Demo

Are you being impacted by changing privacy regulations? Increased regulatory scrutiny, a lack of trust with third-party cookies, and an urgent need to mitigate against compliance and privacy risks. These are ongoing challenges that are impacting data-driven organizations.

It’s time to take control and have full ownership over your customer data, with a data warehouse-first approach.

With Snowplow Digital Analytics, not only can you understand your customer journey over longer periods of time, but ownership of your customer data mitigates the compliance challenges associated with relying on third-party data.

Watch the Group Demo to learn how to:
• Future-proof your analytics with a compliance-first approach to behavioral data collection,
• Leverage first-party data to understand your customers in real-time,
• Seamlessly migrate your existing GA data into your data warehouse with our GA Migrator Tool,
• Ensure your end-users have trust in your dataset to make informed business decisions using a BI tool of your choice.