Snowplow Outperforms GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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Snowplow: The Behavioral Data Platform for media and entertainment companies

With high quality behavioral data delivered in real time, Snowplow enables media and entertainment companies to better understand their audience and boost ad and subscription revenue.

Increase advertising revenue with rich data

Use high-quality, event-level behavioral data to provide advertisers with incredibly accurate audience segments, so that you can deliver targeted, conversion-driven ads across your digital platforms.

Optimize your paywall for higher subscription rates

Snowplow captures the end-to-end customer journey across different platforms and devices. With this granular view, you can pinpoint behavioral signals to indicate when a user is ready to subscribe, and prompt them with a personalized paywall that doesn’t rely on third-party cookies.

Reduce churn to protect subscription income

With Snowplow, you can capture event-level behavioral data that highlights when a user is more likely to churn. This enables your organization to intervene (either with personalized messaging or unique offers) to prevent the loss of subscribers, and protect your subscription revenue.

Respond in real time with editorial content analytics

Snowplow can power a real time view on how users are engaging with news content across multiple domains and platforms. This data can be used by editorial teams to optimize reader engagement in the moment, and by ad product teams to increase revenue.

Understand how users engage with video content in granular detail

Discover what videos are most popular with viewers, specific segments they find most interesting, and where they tend to drop off. You can use these insights to maximize video engagement, optimize ad placements, and recommend additional content to your users based on their preferences.

With data you solve marketing, advertising, and editorial questions …you improve your digital products.

Wannes Rosiers, Data and News Personalization Manager at DPG Media

Having Snowplow helps the business. For sales, it can be an increase in revenue because of the audience we are able to provide; for marketing, better insight into users and how they can become more engaged.

Hervé Mensah, Director – Data Science & Integration, La Presse

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