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Create more value from your data with behavioral data management

Behavioral data management addresses the technical, organizational and compliance challenges associated with behavioral data.

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Infrastructure, processes and human beings; no wonder managing behavioral data is hard

Technology challenges

How do you collect data from multiple products and platforms at large scale, make that data easy to work with, all while keeping on top of a constantly evolving tracking environment in web and mobile?

Organizational challenges

You need people to work together to define what data to collect, how it should be structured and then evolve it over time, as well as building assurance in the quality of that data.

Compliance challenges

Whilst governing access to your data you must also manage personal data requirements across different geographies and comply with an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

Behavioral data management is a set of tools and technology that help you unlock the power of behavioral data


Highly robust data collection

Data pipeline technology collects, process and loads behavioral data at scale with full observability.

Structured, collaborative workflows

Tooling that enables collaboration around the definition and collection of behavioral data to build trust and assurance in your data asset.

Security, compliance and governance

Full control and ownership of your data and how it is modeled, giving you the assurance of security and compliance.

Highly robust data collection

Highly-assured data delivery

Robust, reliable and performant technology to collect, process and deliver your data in real-time to the places you need it.

High-quality tracking across channels

The latest tracking technologies across web, mobile and other channels so you can build a single, unified source of truth.

Rich, well-structured granular event data

Collection of a rich, well-structured raw data set for consumers to work with to power present and future use cases.

A single log-level event table with multiple sources
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Structured, collaborative workflows

Tracking design and change management tooling

Tooling to define what events and data points you will capture, that can serve as validation ruleset and a data dictionary to enable self-service.

Govern the quality of your data

A system that builds assurances in the completeness, accuracy, and reliability of your data throughout the end-to-end process.

Control how your data is modeled

Model your raw data to align with your business logic, not to align with how packaged analytics solutions require it to be modeled.

Security, compliance and governance

Own your data asset and the infrastructure

Full ownership and transparency of how your data is collected, processed and where it is loaded.

Control and govern personal data

Control exactly what personally identifiable information (PII) data you collect and remove or mask it where required.

Comply to privacy laws and regulations

Govern the use of data down to the level of each event so you have complete auditability of your compliance to privacy regulations.

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Unlock more value from your behavioral data

Great behavioral data helps you execute faster – but what makes great data?

The most successful companies in the world use behavioral data to drive competitive advantage.