Snowplow Outperforms GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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Snowplow BDP: Behavioral data for FinTech

To compete today, financial services firms need to innovate with behavioral data whilst navigating an ever-changing regulatory environment. Retail banks, investment apps, and trading platforms are using behavioral data to better understand their customers, improve their digital experiences, and prevent fraud.

Prevent fraud in real time

Behavioral data is the best indicator of intent and can be used to effectively combat different types of fraud. Whether you’re dealing with false loan applications, remittance scams, or potential money laundering, behavioral data can help you detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

Personalize your customer experience

By capturing granular behavioral data at a user-level, you can personalize the experience of individual users across your platforms and apps. This allows you to offer features such as AI-powered financial assistance and spending analysis, as well as make tailored product recommendations.

Train powerful Machine Learning models to prevent fraud

The behavioral data that Snowplow generates is incredibly high-quality. There’s no need for cleaning or wrangling, meaning it can be readily used to train AI and machine learning models. This enables you to quickly and efficiently identify new patterns of fraudulent activity and prevent it from occurring.

Future-proof your data privacy

Snowplow BDP is hosted in your own private cloud account, providing full control and ownership over your data. You have full visibility over what you collect, facilitating compliance with GDPR and CCPA.

Snowplow has a lot more power and flexibility, and the thinking around event structures and event schemas is miles ahead of the industry. The Snowplow dataset has become part of our core strategic offering.

Stewart Duncan, Director of Data Science at Simply Business

The Snowplow framework has become indispensable to understanding the Picnic app usage and allowing us to focus on the most impactful features.

Dimitar Nedev, Data Infrastructure Lead, Picnic

Learn how to drive value with rich, first-party behavioral data