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How to make the shift from DIY solutions to dedicated tooling

with Census, Brooklyn Data & Snowplow

For many companies exploring a more modern data stack, the question of how to shift from the DIY tools they’ve built and use to dedicated tooling from vendors is a major hurdle.

In this webinar, experts from Census (Customer Data Architect Donny Flynn), Snowplow (Strategic Solutions Architect Jordan Peck), and Brooklyn Data Co. (Founder and CEO Scott Breitenother) will walk you through some of the common considerations for companies looking to make the switch.

Donny, Jordan, and Scott will spend the second half of this session breaking down how you should set up your tables and models to best power the rest of your pipeline with these new

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • What tools and capabilities do you need to have in place in order to add behavioral data creation and operational analytics tooling to your stack?

  • How should you think about making a convincing business case for these new tools?

  • How should you prioritize your existing technical and data debt?

  • How do you identify and select your initial use cases?

  • Who should own these new tools during and after initial set up?

Meet your hosts

Jordan Peck

Strategic Solutions Architect

Scott headshot
Scott Breitenother

Founder & CEO
Brooklyn Data Co.

Donny Flynn

Customer Data Architect

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