Doing Digital Analytics In The Data Warehouse

Analytics is at the heart of every business, but legacy tools like Google Analytics can hamper marketing and data teams with data limitations and siloed workflows. These limitations are not only inhibiting data insights, but are fundamentally limiting output across internal teams.

Join, NRK, and Snowplow as they address the industry shift towards a warehouse-first approach to digital analytics. The session will discuss the impact this has on the value an organization can derive from democratized data to not only solve the customer data problem, but also drive innovation across product, data, and marketing teams.  

Watch now to learn:

  • Why marketing and data teams are moving beyond the constraints of GA4,
  • What to consider when switching from GA to a data warehouse-first approach,
  • The tangible value an organization can derive from democratized data, 
  • How this approach to digital analytics allows organizations to paint a fuller picture of all aspects of the customer journey.
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Scott Brinker


Yali Sassoon

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

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