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The art and science of designing your tracking

May 20, 2020
16:00 – 17:00 GMT+1

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We believe that investing time in your tracking design and approach upfront is crucial.

Yet many companies struggle to do so: there are no clear standards to follow as tracking designs look different for each company and application, and several teams are involved in designing and implementing tracking, often leading to inconsistencies and complications.

In this webinar, we will explore how some of the most data sophisticated companies in the world solve some of their challenging communication problems when it comes to data collection and analytics.

We will look at how controlling event definitions, and using a universal language to do so, can help prevent the creation of sprawling event dictionaries and confused Slack threads. We will then go into more technical detail with examples of modular tracking strategies our customers use to give the teams this control, and how this can help them to understand how their users interact with content and products.


In this discussion, Archit and Paul will:

  • Explore data capture and the communication challenges it can create
  • Discuss the importance of tracking design and the impact of using a universal language
  • Use business examples to illustrate the techniques data sophisticated companies adopt to solve challenges
  • Dive into modular tracking strategies used by data teams to help them understand user interaction