How to Supercharge Revenue with Powerful Customer Behavioral Profiles featuring Prolific, AWS, Census and Snowplow

Do you want to know the secret to supercharging your revenue? A complete and accurate 360 view of your customer’s behavior.

his holistic understanding of your customers helps cross-functional teams make better product improvements, create targeted marketing campaigns, run personalized sales outreach messaging, and achieve so much more.

In this hour-long panel discussion, data leaders from Prolific, Snowplow, AWS and Census will break down how to create a data-first culture to support and drive revenue like never before.   We’ll discuss how, using real-world examples from the Prolific data team, Snowplow, AWS, and Census can help you drive more growth for your business by unlocking rich, unified, and accessible behavioral data across your organization.

Faced with the need for high-quality, reliable data, Prolific’s data team built a technology stack to create complete Customer Behavioral Profiles, ensuring the rest of their organization could access actionable data to best engage with their customers.

With Customer Behavioral Profiles (and the right data stack), you too can predict your user’s next best action and power your sales team with complete visibility into your customers’ interactions, which means higher sales conversions and revenue.

Join us as we discuss:

• The importance of having a high quality data-first culture

• How Prolific supercharged their sales team with product analytics

• How Customer Behavioral Profiles can empower your organization

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Meet your speakers

Jim Lumsden

Head of Data


Shashi Raina

Senior Partner Solutions Architect


Donny Flynn

Solutions Architect


Mike Maloney

Field CDO