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9 December 2021


9 AM PDT | 12 PM EDT | 5PM GMT

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Over the past year we’ve witnessed huge advances within the data industry, with an increasing number of organizations taking the journey to advance their decision-making with behavioral data.

From the continued evolution of customer buying habits, to the increasing adoption of the Modern Data Stack; digital transformation is the buzzword on everyones to do list. We’ve seen significant investment in behavioral data across the globe – So, there’s a lot to reflect upon and share.

Join Alex Dean (CEO & Co-Founder, Snowplow), Yali Sassoon (CPO & Co-Founder, Snowplow) and Adam Greco (Industry Expert, Friend of Snowplow) to discuss:

  • The key challenges faced by data teams across the globe
  • How to adapt, and conquer these issues moving into 2022
  • Our predictions for the future, from the data-savvy workforce to the ever-evolving data privacy regulation set to rock the industry

We’ll share what we’ve seen from some of the most data sophisticated organizations from across the globe, but we want you to join the discussion. Join the discussion to share best practices, swap strategies and together let’s drive the data industry forward.



  • Adam Greco

    Adam Greco

    Industry Expert, A friend of Snowplow

  • Alex Dean

    Alex Dean

    Co-Founder and CEO, Snowplow Analytics

  • Yali Sassoon

    Yali Sassoon

    CPO and Co-Founder, Snowplow Analytics