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How to get your data team a seat at the table
(and keep it)


02 December, 2020


17:00 GMT

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10 years ago, having a standalone data team was rare – most data teams sat within the IT function.

And while data teams are now a crucial part of any data-led business, they are often not represented well at the C-level. Data is now widely accepted as a strategic business asset, and yet data teams often find themselves with considerably less representation at senior levels in contrast to other core business functions like Marketing or Product.

So, how do we get data teams a seat at the table? With our expert panel we’ll discuss how data teams can succeed by identifying and serving their first ‘customers’ and treating data more like a product. Get insights into how you can ensure your data team gets C-level buy-in and representation – and keep it over time.  



  • Emilie Schario

    Emilie Schario

    Senior Engineering Manager, Netlify

  • Boris Jabes

    Boris Jabes

    Founder and CEO,

  • Alex Dean

    Alex Dean

    Co-Founder and CEO

In this discussion, our speakers will dive into:

  • How data teams can prioritize hiring and identify their first customers
  • How data teams can quantify and show value to the business
  • And ultimately explore the ways we can get data teams into the “critical path” within their organizations