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Part 4: Marketing attribution with Snowplow and Looker

Four part series: Data modeling from theory to practice

June 1 – June 30, 2020
16:00 – 17:00 GMT+1
Weekly in June

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More and more companies are moving from a world of integrated analytics to a modular approach of leveraging best-of-breed tools for each layer in the data stack. This approach offers a range of benefits but also brings a new challenge: lots of raw data from a plethora of sources that doesn’t bring any value in and of itself.

Enter data modeling. In this 4 part series, Cara will take you on a journey, exploring data modeling in detail and provide you with concrete examples that you can leverage within your business.

Part 4: Marketing attribution with Snowplow and Looker

In the last session, Cara will be joined by Sebastien Fabri, Partner Engineer at Looker. Together, they will take you through a marketing attribution example using Snowplow data, modeling and visualizing it in Looker.

  • The concept of attribution modeling and what data you need
  • How you can build attribution into your data model
  • How you can effectively visualize attribution models in Looker


  • Sebastien Fabri

    Sebastien Fabri

    Partner Engineer