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Maximizing ROAS Through Reduced Latency and Silo Removal

We are now able to gain a perfect matching between clicks and sessions, thanks to the complete server-side implementation of Snowplow tracking.” Anthony Giansianastasio, Digital VIrgo’s Head of Analytics.

Join Snowflake, Digital Virgo, and Snowplow for an in-depth conversation as the key players behind the redesigned Martech stack talk about the need for transparency, accuracy, and speed of data for mobile payment solutions. They will dive into a case study where Digital Virgo deployed this new stack during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, what impact it had and why.

Key takeaways from this session:

•The monetary impact of data latency on your marketing budget’s bottom line.

•The advantages of a first-party data pipeline delivered in the Data Cloud

•How increased visibility into your customer base can drive your campaign decisions


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