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How JustWatch turns audience segmentation into personal experiences to scale revenue

What do Amazon, Disney, and Universal all have in common? They are customer-centric organizations that leverage deep personalization to captivate their audiences and propel them from the competition. 

Enter JustWatch.

Head of BI, Aleksandr Zolotukhin at JustWatch shares how his team is creating customer behavioral profiles to fuel targeted personalized ad campaigns for their customers. 

Join JustWatch, Snowplow, Snowflake, and ThoughtSpot as they discuss how to create, segment, engage and visualize data to maximize ROAS.

In this session, learn:

• Why personalization is a game changer for capturing your customers’ attention

• How JustWatch drove impactful ad campaigns for customers with predictive & accurate customer profiles 

• How to maximize your ROAS with customer behavioral profiles

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Meet your speakers

Aleksandr Zolotukhin

Head of BI

Mike Maloney

Field CDO,

Jim Warner

Field CTO,

Sonny Rivera

Senior Analytics Evangelist

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