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Scaling self-serve behavioural data at Strava

March 3, 2021
17:00 GMT

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Designed by athletes, for athletes, Strava’s mobile app and website connect millions of runners and cyclists through the sports they love.

The data team at Strava wanted to increase the capability of the data consumers within their organisation to better understand and use product data. Their goal was to empower colleagues to gain useful product insights, especially those that weren’t specifically subject matter experts on data collection or aggregation processes.

To do this, Strava ran a project around building a framework to apply growth accounting principles to individual product features. The project took Snowplow behavioral data from individual product features and used the framework to enable tracking of active users on those features and the changes in those populations over time.

During this webinar, we will hear from Kyle Clark, Lead Product Analyst at Strava, about his involvement in the project and how building a growth framework allowed the team to scale insights and standardize product metrics.


  • Kyle Clark

    Kyle Clark

    Lead Product Analyst

  • Lalsa Budhwar

    Lalsa Budhwar

    Customer Success

In this discussion, our speakers will dive into:

  • How to build a self-serve culture in modern organizations
  • Ways to increase data capability outside the data team
  • Challenges and lessons learned by the Strava team in this process