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How GovTech Singapore Delivers Real-Time Insights with First-Party Data

Step into the realm of GovTech, the driving force redefining digital analytics in Singapore, and uncover the extraordinary story behind their game-changing achievements.

Join us for an exclusive networking event with Snowplow, Snowflake, and Infinite Lambda, as we explore how GovTech’s Whole of Government Application Analytics (WOGAA) team leverages first-party customer data to optimize application performance, enable consumption-based analytics, and gather valuable real-time insights.

Here’s what you can expect from this exciting event:

  • GovTech’s Success Story: Gain exclusive insights into GovTech’s journey with Snowplow, uncovering the challenges they overcame and the remarkable results achieved through data-driven decision-making.
  • The value of 1st-party data: Explore the critical importance of using first-party data to build the next-generation AI-Ready C360, and the benefit of a centralized data strategy to remove data silos within the enterprise
  • Advanced Analytics Solutions: Discover the cutting-edge analytics solutions offered by Snowplow, Snowflake, and Infinite Lambda, and learn how these technologies empower organizations across industries such as Retail, Financial Services, Media and Public Sector to drive innovation and achieve new levels of data-driven excellence.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy engaging conversations, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections with C-suite leaders, industry experts, and fellow data and tech enthusiasts over food and drinks!

With limited spaces available, register your interest to secure your spot today!

Event Details

Date: September 14, 5pm – 8pm SGT

Location: KOMYUNITI 366 Orchard Road Level 10, YOTEL, Singapore 238904

Meet your speakers

Lingesvaran P

Lead Product Manager

Yali Sassoon

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Jack O’Connor

Business Director, Singapore and Southeast Asia