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Part 1: What is data modeling and why is it important?

Four part series: Data modeling from theory to practice

June 1 – June 30, 2020
16:00 – 17:00 GMT+1
Weekly in June

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More and more companies are moving from a world of integrated analytics to a modular approach of leveraging best-of-breed tools for each layer in the data stack. This approach offers a range of benefits but also brings a new challenge: lots of raw data from a plethora of sources that doesn’t bring any value in and of itself.

Enter data modeling. In this 4 part series, Cara will take you on a journey, exploring data modeling in detail and provide you with concrete examples that you can leverage within your business.

Part 1: What is data modeling and why is it important?

In this session Cara will talk conceptually about data modeling, why it’s becoming an increasingly important concept in the analytics space and what it is at its core. She will take you through:

  • Why and how data modeling is becoming an essential part of your data strategy
  • The rise of new tools and skills needed to support this
  • The benefits of designing your own data model(s)