Unlock the Value of Snowplow 1P Customer Data with NetSpring

Snowplow’s 1st-party Behavioral Data Platform (BDP) combined with NetSpring’s Product & Behavioral Analytics enables you to operationalize rich, first-party customer behavioral data and dissect and understand the behavioral patterns across the entire customer journey – from adoption through engagement and account-level retention and revenue. Both platforms for data capture and self-service analytics are architected for the Modern Data Stack, and work directly with the data warehouse as your single source of truth.

Join us to learn how:

  • Snowplow can instrument the entire user and customer journey across all channels and touchpoints;
  • A data warehouse can bring together complete and predictive customer profiles audiences from Snowplow, alongside all relevant customer and business context for a complete view of the entire customer journey;
  • Leveraging the data warehouse as the single source of truth, NetSpring brings the rich modeling and analytical power of BI for ad hoc visual exploration to funnel, path, and cohort analysis.
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Abhishek Rai

Co-Founder & Head of Product


Trent Kalisch-Smith

Sales Engineer