Build Confidence in Your Digital Analytics Data Quality with Snowplow

The quality of decisions that shape business strategies depends to a large extent on the robustness of your digital analytics data. Visibility, speed, and granularity of this data are paramount in creating a unified, 360-degree customer view.

In our webinar,  we’ll explore how leading companies such as Burberry, Digital Virgo, Strava, and Flickr are using Snowplow’s  rich customer behavioral data to increase revenue, optimize marketing efforts, drive next-gen digital analytics and inform product innovation. These companies are a good example of successfully overcoming the challenges posed by disparate data, latency issues, and strict privacy regulations—all of which can hinder growth if not managed correctly.

What we’ll cover:

Defining and Tracking Data: Learn how to set precise metrics that make data trustworthy and actionable.

Managing Data for Impact: Understand how to operationalize digital analytics data to effectively support business objectives.

Case Studies and Lessons Learned: Gain insights from data-driven teams whose innovative approaches to data strategy have set new benchmarks in a landscape marked by privacy concerns, the demand for personalization, and budget limitations.

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Meet your speakers

Trent Kalisch-Smith

Senior Sales Engineer