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Bringing it all together: an end to data silos and frustrated data teams

Explore the impact exhaust data is having on data teams and how high quality behavioral data drives innovation and strategic business value.

About this Webinar

Our recent report on The State of Behavioral Data 2022 suggests data professionals are not happy in their roles. Too much time is spent wrangling data and not enough on high-value, innovative tasks. This demotivating and unrewarding preparatory work contributes to a general lack of job satisfaction – with 2 in 3 considering leaving their jobs in 2022.

The webinar, Bringing it all together: an end to data silos and frustrated data teams, goes beyond exploring the reasons behind data teams’ frustrations and ‘flightiness’, and proposes a novel solution for companies to increase motivation and drive strategic value.

We will cover the following:

  • How is data exhaust impacting data teams?

  • How can businesses create and share meaningful metadata?

  • How can we change the way we think about sourcing data?

  • Data Creation: the key to unlocking the business value from behavioral data

Meet your hosts

Mick Faulkner

European Sales Lead

Connect with Mick
Nick King

Chief Product and Marketing Officer

Connect with Nick
Timo Dechau
Timo Dechau

Founder, Tracking & Analytics Engineer
Deepskydata ApS

Stephen Carey - CarTrawler
Stephen Carey

Head of Data Intelligence

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