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Behavioral analytics in real time

Firing events and delivering actionable insights in less than 60 seconds

May 19, 2021
17:00 BST | 11:00 CDT

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The shift to real time analytics, and the challenges of refashioning infrastructure to handle real-time data, requires a willingness to invest time in building advanced data capabilities and a data-first mindset. 

Plus, not only does the data have to be available; it has to be processed, modeled and acted upon – all within a matter of seconds. But the flip side of this is that data teams who are able to do this successfully are then armed to execute various use cases that help to deliver real business value.

During this webinar, Mason McLead from will explain the process and steps that he and his team have taken to enable them to present and act on behavioral data in real time. Using Snowplow and Snowflake in their data stack, have built a flow from event collection to analysis that enables their customers conduct behavioral analytics in real time. Mason will explore the reasoning behind their approach and shed light on their set up.

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  • Mason McLead

    Mason McLead


  • Nienke Bos

    Nienke Bos

    Solutions Architect

In this discussion, our speakers will dive into:

  • The reason behind why the team at have built their data stack for real time analytics and the scale they are loading at.
  • The technical tools in their “Snowflow” – Snowplow, Snowpipe and Snowflake, and how they integrate. 
  • The possibilities and use cases for data teams executing real time analysis.