Snowplow Outperforms GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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Digital Analytics

An AI-ready, warehouse-native alternative to Google Analytics

Step aside Google Analytics and experience the next generation of digital analytics with a complete and compliant understanding of customer behavior and campaign performance in real-time directly from your data warehouse or data lake.

Our suite of pre-built data applications allows you to answer the most important questions about your customer behavior and marketing performance directly from the Snowplow console.

Scale your advanced analytics and AI projects further with Snowplow’s AI and BI-ready data from your cloud data warehouse or lake.

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Data Apps: The Fastest Way to Unlock Value with Snowplow

The Snowplow Data Apps help you implement high-impact use cases faster. With our pre-built data apps, you can understand and analyze customer behavior, marketing performance and funnel performance directly in the Snowplow platform.

Complete first-party view of customer behavior

Gain an accurate, real-time view of your customers journeys to improve conversion and marketing ROI. With Snowplow’s first-party server set cookie and out-of-the-box identity resolution avoid the limitations on users tracking seen in other analytics platforms.

Compliance and privacy by design

Complete ownership and control over where your data is processed and what data is collected from each customer in what circumstance with our private SaaS delivery model and out-of-the-box PII pseudonymization, anonymous tracking.

Control, transparency and ownership

Have total transparency and unrestricted access to your data with no-data sampling. Deep dive into the calculations behind every metric, how users are identified, and attribution is credited with access to Snowplow’s open source code.

Experience our data apps for yourself

Our suite of data apps allows you to understand user acquisition, campaign performance and marketing attribution and create custom conversion funnels directly from the Snowplow console.

  • “Before Snowplow, we had Google Analytics 360 and our behavioral data was not available in real time in our Snowflake warehouse or in our AWS infrastructure. Snowplow opens up a world of possibilities for us because we can provide data to our team to analyze trends in campaigns… to analyze what’s happening within five or 10 minutes.”

  • “We needed something better than Google Analytics because we weren’t gaining meaningful insights and building a complete customer picture with the tool.”


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