Fuel predictive models with rich, behavioral data

Snowplow delivers AI-ready behavioral data to power personalization, recommendation, fraud detection, next best action, propensity scoring and other real-time models.

Data-driven teams rely on Snowplow behavorial data

Snowplow Capabilities

Why do data science teams use Snowplow data?

Data science teams rely on Snowplow’s high quality and rich behavioral data to drive revenue for their business.

More predictive features to power your models

Easily engineer features based on any kind of user behavior across your digital platforms.

Deliver real-time data science

Build data applications that provide real-time decision. Execute data models in real-time and power your models in production using Snowplow’s event stream.

Spend time building models, not wrangling data

Snowplow delivers data in a highly expected format at a consistent level of granularity to your warehouse or lake, ready to train models with no wrangling

Accuracy and data quality guaranteed

Snowplow ensures complete and accurate data, with every data point validated up front against a user-schema, with bad data stored for debugging and reprocessing through Snowplow.

Tap into predictive behavioral data to drive revenue for your business

Real-time personalization

Deliver personalized customer experiences in real-time

Understand, at any second in time, customer behavior allowing you to deliver personalized experiences in real-time. Use behavioral data to power your models and created personalized experiences that drive customer engagement and conversion.

Deliver personalized offers and promotions to maximize conversion

Create hyper-personalized content and product recommendations

Identify subscription intent signals and prompt with personalized paywalls

Propensity Modeling

Identify customers most likely to convert

Behavioral data helps you understand the decisions that customers have made, the factors that led to the desired behavior, and the contexts of these decisions. With this understanding you can accurately predict the propensity of future customers to convert.

Optimize paid media spend reducing spending on high propensity customers

Personalize the customer experience based on propensity score

Convert potential customers with automated campaigns

Next Best Action

Predict the next best action to drive conversion

With an array of digital channels available, it can be challenging to determine which will drive customer conversion. By utilizing behavioral data from across your customer base, you can understand their journey and identify the actions that led to their conversion.

Optimize paid media spend, reducing spend on high propensity customers

Personalize the customer experience based on propensity score

Convert potential customers with automated campaings

Fraud Detection

Continuously analyze user behavior to identify fraudulent activities

Behavioral data is the best indicator of intent and can be used to effectively combat different types of fraud. Whether you’re dealing with false loan applications, remittance scams, or potential money laundering, behavioral data can help you detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

Snowplow’s rich, granular data enabled us to build sophisticated audience intelligence and double the efficiency of our clients’ trailer advertising campaigns.