Identify performance bottlenecks with Core Web Vitals

Pre-built code, sample data and step-by-step instructions to create a website-performance dashboard.

Why use this accelerator?

Website performance is crucial to maintaining a positive user experience and fostering brand loyalty. Slow-loading sites can lead to increased bounce rates and decreased customer engagement, affecting your bottom line – Amazon found that every 100ms increase in latency led to a 1% drop in revenue. Additionally, search engines now factor web performance metrics into their ranking algorithms, meaning optimizing your site’s performance can significantly impact its visibility.

In this accelerator, use our out-of-the-box tracker plugin to start sending Core Web Vitals events to your data warehouse. Our data models then transform the raw events into useful aggregations which power a set of production-ready dashboards allowing you to identify the worst-performing pages.

Key metrics included are:

  • “Largest Contentful Paint” – measures page load times
  • “First Input Delay” – measures interactivity
  • “Cumulative Layout Shift” – measures visual stability

“We needed better control of the data to meet our compliance requirements and track more efficiently—in the past, we had to limit our tracking based on what was available.”


Key Outcomes

  • Boost website performance and rank higher in search results
  • Safeguard both your site content and the data of your users
  • Effectively track and share improvements to your website