Scale your use of behavioral data across your business

Snowplow delivers real-time, structured behavioral data to power data projects across your business—all from your own warehouse, data lake, or real-time stream.

Data-driven teams rely on Snowplow

Snowplow Capabilities

Why do data engineering teams
rely on Snowplow?

Improve data productivity and self-service

Eliminate data silos, disparate datasets, and inconsistent data. With Snowplow’s Behavioral Data Platform, create a single, unified, rich and granular view of your customer, in real-time, to empower business teams to confidently operationalize the data for reporting and bespoke use cases.

Realize value from your data faster

Unlock valuable insights from your Snowplow data using our pre-built data applications. Gain immediate insights for your business with pre-configured visualizations and reports or to use them as a starting point for your own custom data applications.

Spend time driving value not managing pipeline

Leave the installation, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance of your data
pipeline to Snowplow. Enjoy guaranteed SLAs on uptime, latency and
auto-scaling so your data professionals can focus on moving your business forward with data.

Reduce data downtime

Reduce data downtime and safeguard your valuable data with Snowplow’s data quality tooling, enterprise-grade security features and with updated trackers and pipeline components.

Power your data projects with rich behavioral data

Digital Analytics

Build a deep understanding of customer behavior across digital touchpoints

Gain a comprehensive and compliant understanding of customer behavior and campaign performance. Use our Data Applications to provide users with pre-built visualizations, or use our readily modeled data to create your own business intelligence projects—all from your own warehouse or lake.

Data Applications to unlock insight from your Snowplow data, powered directly from your own warehouse or lake. 

Scale your analytics further with structured and rich BI-ready behavioral data.

Accurate cross-channel tracking and identity resolution with up to a 400 days cookie lifetime

Predictive Modeling

Train models with AI-ready data

Make better business decisions, faster, by delivering real-time, structured behavioral data to your AI and ML models from your own warehouse or lake.

Easily engineer features based on any kind of user behavior across your digital platforms.

Execute data models in real-time and power your models in production using Snowplow’s event stream.

Highly expected format at a consistent level of granularity, ready to train models with no wrangling.

Predict Customer Behavior

Build your own data products

Have complete flexibility to define how your data is collected, validated and model to build custom data products directly from your warehouse or lake.

Track events and the environment in which an event took place with entities to meet your tracking requirements.

Define and enforce policies for how data is created, processed and delivered to your warehouse or lake.

Build on top of Snowplow’s data models or create custom models to incrementally model your behavioral data.

We would not have achieved our current level of self-serve data without Snowplow. It has enabled us to democratize our data culture, significantly improving our analytics coverage and deepening our insights