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How Viewbix helps its customers optimize their video ads with Snowplow

Using data created with Snowplow, Viewbix advertisers gain a clear picture of how, where and when customers engage with their ads.

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Viewbix is a pioneer of interactive video adverts. Their platform makes it easy for brands to build rich, interactive video ad units that give consumers the chance to engage directly with their video ads in myriad ways. For example, consumers can enter their email address, sign up to newsletters, complete surveys, locate stores, post to social networks, download coupons, and more. These interactive video campaigns drive much higher engagement than classic video and display ads.

By enabling brands to engage with users directly in their video ads, Viewbix can drive more response from ad campaigns, improving the return on advertising spend for brands. Behind it all, Viewbix Insights provides brands with in-depth analytics, so they can understand how users have engaged with their campaigns and what those engagements look like, to optimize future ad spend.


Brands that buy campaigns on Viewbix need the ability to measure their success. Yet straightforward KPIs, such as click-through rates, only work on straightforward ads. Viewbix ads are more sophisticated, with many ways for users to engage. Viewbix customers need to know not just what percentage of ads users engage with, but how they engaged. For example, did they submit their details? Did they download a coupon? Did they share to Facebook? If so, at what stage in the video? 

To help answer all these types of questions, the Viewbix team wanted to build an insights product that solved two key challenges:

1. How to effectively track the rich set of possible interactions that consumers might have with a brand’s interactive ad campaign, when the potential volume of data is enormous 

2. How to present data back to the brands in a helpful way, to answer their questions and help them use insights to drive more effective spend on the Viewbix platform

Further, to inform their product development, Viewbix needed a rich data set to help them better understand how brands interact with their ad builder to develop and launch ad units, which product features are popular with their advertisers, and which product features are most successful in driving user engagement.


Viewbix uses Snowplow to collect and process data from their video platform and track every in-ad interaction. Since data created with Snowplow is very granular, it enables Viewbix and their customers to pinpoint exactly how users interact with the video ads. Customers can understand the success of campaigns with much more granularity than would be possible with a traditional campaign. 

The Snowplow data-modeling is by far the most flexible we have seen. By defining a series of ‘custom contexts’ that are sent with each event, we can record all the relevant data for a specific event type in an organized way and keep our overall data clean by only sending data when relevant.” 


On top of the data created with Snowplow, Viewbix built an analytics product called Viewbix Insights, which enables brands to: 

  • Know exactly how, when and where viewers engage with their videos, so they can gauge the effectiveness of each campaign 
  • Use this information to optimize campaigns, drive user engagement and maximize video ROI

Viewbix Insights is a key part of the Viewbix value proposition and is entirely powered by data created with Snowplow. And, because this data is hosted on Viewbix’s own AWS account (data warehouse), Viewbix retains complete ownership of it all. 

Internally, Viewbix uses the data created with Snowplow to glean rich insights into how advertisers use their video platform, how users engage with video ads, and what makes an effective campaign. This data serves as the foundation to drive their product roadmap forward.

With Snowplow data, we can show a customer that 95% of actions taken during a video happen between 0:30 and 0:35 seconds. The customer can then learn what works, what doesn’t, and make the needed changes to drive significant increases in KPIs.”



Thanks to the granularity and flexibility of data created with Snowplow, Viewbix’s video platform delivers exceptional results and user engagement for brands—far exceeding industry standards. The benefits to Viewbix’s customers include: 

  • Growth in leads (e.g. video viewers submitting their email addresses in the forms inside the video) 
  • Increase in sales
  • Cost savings per acquisition 
  • Higher click-through rate (CTR)
  • Higher conversion rate (e.g. video viewers clicking on a call to action button and visiting the product pages) 
  • Higher user engagement rate 

As well as these great results for their brands, Viewbix is also reaping the benefits of flexible data modeling as their business needs change; flexible reporting capabilities; and predictable costs. 

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